La Rochelle | Abigail + Jack 

The Bay of Biscay (La Rochelle) was beautiful to say the least. The seaport in France had a lot to offer, the Knights Templar and so on. However, Abigail couldn’t get her thoughts around it. She decided it best to get away for awhile, perhaps explore. But she was about to do it alone. Crying into her father’s arms earlier that day had do no good except send her into a further stupor of sorrow and she much rather out in the world, happy, not lonely. 

Screw Jack if he thinks that I am this big terrible liar. Screw Ben for not being here when I need to vent…Screw my mother for being a heartless bitch….

The only true confidant she had in this place, so it seemed, would be her father. And how she loved him. He gave her a credit card, just in case she found something she deeply wanted in memory of La Rochelle and sent her on her way. 

"You need to be out in the world my princess, not waiting for it to happen." He had instructed. And so, again, she went on her merry way. 

Her blond hair cascaded in soft curls down her back, the lovely pink afternoon dress she wore was by Givenchy and quite ravishing. It suited her and her high stature but even moreso her fashion sense and her perky personality. She felt lovely, womanly, and nearly desirable. 

She had retouched her face, it was as if she hadn’t cried so many tears earlier that day. She smiled at herself in the mirror, patted her cheeks to rosy them up, then headed down and out the hallway and towards the pier. She gazed down as she was escorted out the dock and looked at the magnificent water. Her eyes captivated. She longed to put her feet into it.

As soon as she hit the dock she kicked of her heels and softly sat one the edge, elegantly dipping her toes into the crystal service, whether or not the guards at the ship were keeping watch, she did what she wanted without remorse and smiled. 

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    She shot him a glare. He wasn’t getting it. Yes they loved to play, and fight, it was who they were. Or who they used to...
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    Jack kept smiling. She was annoyed and it kind of made him feel better, in a sick twisted way. It was what they did....

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